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Product/Service >> Heating Mantle >> Heating Mantle - Electrothermal

Heating Mantle - Electrothermal - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่

Heating Mantle - Electrothermal


Heating Mantle - Electrothermal

Code: 000359
ติดต่อ 02-7125619


Spill-proof and V-Shaped Mantles

Spill-proof Mantles and V-Shaped Mantles fit snugly against pear-shaped or round-bottom flasks. They have been designed to accept a large range of flask and funnel sizes for added flexibility.
• Element temperature 450ºC
• Patented air flow through ventilation slots beneath and around the rim of the case ensure a low, cool temperature to the touch
• Coiled heating element, suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge, provides maximum heat transfer and support
• Heating element can be turned on or off
• Bottom outlet accommodates 60º funnels of various diameters
• Chemical-resistant polypropylene housing
• Built-in electronic controller

EMX Models
• Stainless steel liner on all EMX models provide electrical and mechanical protection against spills and ensures easy cleaning

EMV Models
• Stainless steel screen on all EMV models cover the heated elements to protect you from shock hazards due to spills or flask breakage
Includes: One bracket for 1.3cm support rods (5000ml size has 3)
Warranty: one year, parts and labour
Certifications: CE
Technical Specification

Polypropylene Case
Max Element Temperature 450ºC

Ordering Information
V-Shaped mantles ordering information

Capacity Electrical Requirement
EMV0050/CE 10 to 50ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 60w
EMV0050/CEX1 10 to 50ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 75w
EMV0050/CEX6 10 to 50ml 230w 50/ 60Hz, 60w, EU Plug
EMV0250/CE 100 to 250ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 150w
EMV0250/CEX1 100 to 250ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 150w
EMV0250/CEX6 100 to 250ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 150w, EU Plug
EMV1000/CE 500 to 1000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 300w
EMV1000/CEX1 500 to 1000ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 300w
EMV1000/CEX6 500 to 1000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 300w, EU Plug
EMV5000/CE 2000 to 5000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 800w
EMV5000/CEX1 2000 to 5000ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 800w
EMV5000/CEX6 2000 to 5000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 800w EU Plug

Spill-proof mantles ordering information

Capacity Electrical Requirement
EMX1000/SCE 500 to 1000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 240w
EMX1000/SCEX1 500 to 1000ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 240w
EMX1000/SCEX6 500 to 1000ml 230v 50/ 60/Hz, 240w, EU Plug
EMX5000/SCE 2000 to 5000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 600w
EMX5000/SCEX1 2000 to 5000ml 115v 50/ 60Hz, 600w
EMX50001/SCEX6 2000 to 5000ml 230v 50/ 60Hz, 600w, EU Plug

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