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Product/Service >> Homogenizer >> Honogenizer PT10-35gt - Kinematica

Honogenizer PT10-35gt - Kinematica - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่

Honogenizer PT10-35gt - Kinematica


Honogenizer PT10-35gt - Kinematica

Code: 000401
ติดต่อ 02-7125619
With the new designed POLYTRON® System PT 10-35 GT KINEMATICA presents now the successor of the famous POLYTRON® System PT 10-35 (also known as POLYTRON® System PT-K).
The new PT 10-35 GT is designed with many new features: a more powerful motor, an integrated speed controller, a directly readable speed scale, a new quick coupling, a noise reducing slim-line housing, a new standard stand and much more.
As the long-famous system PT 10-35 the new system PT 10-35 GT creates the new standard for lab homogenizing and mixing tasks and applications with volumes between 0.1 and 10’000 ml. Therewith the new PT 10-35 GT counts within the KINEMATICA lab homogenizer line as the new standard model in the medium benchtop homogenizer range.

Some special features of the PT 10-35 GT:

  • 60% more power than former PT 10-35
  • LED-Display
  • Speeds up to 30’000 rpm
  • Low noise level
  • New quick coupling (type F) for dispersing aggregates from 5 mm up to 36 mm - dispersing aggregates from POLYTRON® Systems PT 3100 (type B) and PT 10-35 (type A, with adapter) can also be connected
  • Integrated digital speed controller with closed loop - constant speed independent from loadchanges, no PCU needed any more
  • Acoustical error signals
  • Integrated overheating, overload and blocking protection
  • Space saving slim line design
  • Exchangeable drive extensions for different types of stands
NEW with digital display for speed indication
Technical Data
Working volume 0.1 - 10'000 ml
Motor type / power Universal motor, 1200 Watt
Voltage / Frequency 230V / 50 Hz or 100-120V / 60 Hz
Speed regulation 500 up to 30'000 rpm
Speed display Integrated digital speed controller with
closed loop - constant speed independent
from loadchanges, LED-Display, Soft Start
noise emission (drive only) approx. 75 dB(A) at 30‘000 rpm
Dim. / Weight 95 x 210 x 247mm / 3.2 kg
Environment 0-40°C, 95% rel. humidity
Protection class IP 20
EMC acc. IEC/EN 61000-6-2 / 3
Safety acc. IEC/EN 61010-2-51
Order Information
11010104 PT-MR 10-35 GT, 230 V (EU plug)
11010105 PT-MR 10-35 GT, 230 V (CH plug)
11010106 PT-MR 10-35 GT, 230 V (UK plug)
11010103 PT-MR 10-35 GT, 100-120 V
11035001 PT-DA / PTA - Adapter
Dispersing Aggregates
11030010 PT-DA 05/2EC-B078
11030026 PT-DA 07/2EC-B101
11030047 PT-DA 12/2EC-B154
11030049 PT-DA 12/2MEC-B154
11030061 PT-DA 12/2WEC-B154
11030075 PT-DA 20/2EC-B193
11030077 PT-DA 20/2MEC-B193
11030080 PT-DA 20/2WEC-B193
11030101 PT-DA 30/2EC-B250
11030102 PT-DA 30/2G-B273
11030104 PT-DA 30/2MEC-B250
11030110 PT-DA 30/2WEC-B250
11030112 PT-DA 30/2ZEC-B250
11030114 PT-DA 30/4EC-B250
11030115 PT-DA 30/4G-B273
11030144 PT-DA 36/2EC-B250
11030146 PT-DA 36/2G-B273
11030145 PT-DA 36/2MEC-B250
11030141 PT-DA 36/2WEC-B250
11030147 PT-DA 36/4EC-B250
11030148 PT-DA 36/4G-B273
12030021 PT-DA 36/BEC-B250 (BIOTRONA)
11040020 plate stand ST-P 10/600
11045013 vessel holder for ST-P 10/600
11045035 safety positioning ring for ST-P 10/600
Dispersing Vessels
11050010 GS 15, working volume max. 35 ml
(clover leaf shaped, borosilicate glass)
11050020 GS 15 K, like GS 15, with screw cap
11050030 GS 15 KL7.5, like GS 15 K, lead through 7.5mm
11050011 GS 25, working volume max. 150 ml
11050021 GS 25 K, like GS 25, with screw cap
11050031 GS 25 KL12, like GS 25 K, lead through 12mm
11050032 GS 25 KL20, like GS 25 K, lead through 20mm
11050012 GS 40, working volume max. 500 ml
11050022 GS 40 K, like GS 40, with screw cap
11050033 GS 40 KL20, like GS 40 K, lead through 20mm
11050034 GS 40 KL25, like GS 40 K, lead through 25mm
11050013 GS 50, working volume max. 1000 ml
11050023 GS 50 K, like GS 50, with screw cap
11050035 GS 50 KL20, like GS 50 K, lead through 20mm
11050036 GS 50 KL25, like GS 50 K, lead through 25mm
11050014 GS 60, working volume max. 1300 ml
11050024 GS 60 K, like GS 60, with screw cap
11050037 GS 60 KL20, like GS 60 K, lead through 20mm
11050038 GS 60 KL25, like GS 60 K, lead through 25mm
11050050 GS 100, working volume max. 3000 ml
(clover leaf shaped, stainless steel)
11050051 GS 130, working volume max. 4000 ml
11050052 GS 150, working volume max. 6000 ml
11050053 GS 190, working volume max. 1300 ml
11050060 GS 100Z, working volume max. 900 ml
(cylindrical, stainless steel)
11050061 GS 130Z, working volume max. 2000 ml
11050062 GS 155Z, working volume max. 3500 ml
11050063 GS 175Z, working volume max. 4500 ml
11050064 GS 200Z, working volume max. 7000 ml
11050065 GS 230Z, working volume max. 9000 ml
System packages
11090070 PT 10-35GT, 230V package with drive unit PT-MR 10-35 GT (EU plug), stand ST-P10/600, vessel holder with boss head and safety positioning ring
11090071 PT 10-35GT, 230V package with drive unit PT-MR 10-35 GT (CH plug), stand ST-P10/600, vessel holder with boss head and safety positioning ring
11090072 PT 10-35GT, 100-120V package with drive unit PT-MR 10-35 GT, stand ST-P10/600, vessel holder with boss head and safety positioning ring
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