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Product/Service >> Spectrophotometer >> Spectrophotometer Aquamate Plus - Thermo

Spectrophotometer Aquamate Plus - Thermo - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่

Spectrophotometer Aquamate Plus - Thermo


Spectrophotometer Aquamate Plus - Thermo

Code: 000387
ติดต่อ 02-7125619
Covering the full wavelength range from 190 to 1100nm, this system satisfies the requirements for heavy metals, inorganic and organic constituents, biological materials, and water color. Optical resolution of 2nm is ideal for measuring a wide range of water analysis constituents from chlorophyll and biological materials to routine metals analysis. Lamp system guarantees maximum performance for both UV and Visible water analysis methods.

Expands Test Methods to Meet Industry Requirements


  • Set up custom methods or modify existing test kit methods (preprogrammed methods are not required)
  • Single-factor test methods can be changed to include a calibration curve
  • Run calibration curves with up to 20 standards, each with 3 replicates, and choose from 4 curve fits
  • Measure up to 20 discrete wavelengths
  • Control events, such as the time required for the sample color to develop, with the built-in procedural timers
  • Enter QC control limits for Pass/Fail criteria
  • Built-in UVcalc feature can apply calculations to raw data to change the reported units or to correct for different sample weights, volumes, or dilutions
  • Determines peak profile and peak wavelength on the graphical display

Designed for Productivity


  • Flexible for various skill levels—Routine water analysis methods requires only 4 simple steps
  • Built-in USB connectivity allows user to easily transfer data and methods onto memory devices for unlimited storage and archiving
  • Optional USB interface cable enables connectivity to external PC-controlled applications
  • Large sample compartment for easy access to accessories
  • Supplied with sample handling accessories for a variety of processes
Built to Last


  • Rugged aluminum chassis is stable and durable
  • Quartz-overcoated, sealed optics maintain performance throughout the instrument's lifetime
  • Minimal moving parts improve reliability, reduce maintenance and cost of ownersip
  • Sealed and chemically resistant keypad withstands harsh, multi-user lab environment
Visible Spectrum Model (Part. No. 9423AQA2600E)


  • Visible version has a Tungsten light source (2000 hrs.)
  • Wavelength Range: 315 to 1100nm

UV-Visible Spectrum Model (9423AQA2100E)


  • Deuterium-Tungsten light source (1000/2000 hrs.)
  • Wavelenght Range: 190 to 1100nm

Ordering Alerts: Optional accessories, including 7-position cell changer, sipper systems and CETAC* auto-samplers, as well as a complete series of VISION software packages, are available separately.
Includes: Equipped with sample accessories to accommodate tubes, vials, ampules, 1 in. square cells and 1 to 50mm pathlength cuvettes. Also includes USB Memory Stick with more than 400 water analysis methods.

Warranty and Service Offering: One year.
Bandwidth 2nm
Optics Seya-Namioka Monochromator, Single beam
Detector Silicon photodiode
Wavelength Range 315 to 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Photometric Range -0.1 to 200 %T; -0.3 to 3.0 A; 0 to 9999 C
Display VGA-quality LCDl
Interface Connection[s] Bi-directional RS-232-C
Memory 30 methods
Dimensions 39.5L x 45.5W x 21.5 in.H (15.5 x 18 x 8.5cm)
Weight 22 lb. (10kg)

Cat. No. Description
9423AQA2600E Aquamate Plus, Visible
9423AQA2100E AquaMate Plus, UV-Visible
IQLAADGABIFAEZMAOX AquaMate Plus UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
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